Earthquake resistance, cost effective and you can choose from different materials and design options, so that you will get your completely individual house. One of our experienced engineers will advise you what will be the best according to the surrounding you want to build your house.


Interior Design is one of our main services we offer. For that we are doing many different types of projects like private homes, offices, restaurants and bars. For us it is important to present realistic and practical design solutions which enhance the way of our clients lives and works.


We are one of the few companies efficient and experienced in the field of product design and manufacturing.

You and Aiden

Our journey starts with understanding, we discuss, question and most importantly listen to you.  We find that very often the devil is in the detail and by exploring you and your need together we can tailor engineering solutions to exceed expectation.

Integrity and Credibility

We constantly reach out to our clients throughout the progress of the Design and promote an open and honest channel of communication at all times. We take full ownership of our work and actions, and we appreciate constructive feedback – it helps us solidify our relationship with our clients and produce better work.

Next Steps...

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